AleaGreen is a division of Alea Business Software S.L that offers long‑term European markets price curves forecasting reports. AleaGreen will act as a hub to connect the renewable energy sector with financial entities and investment funds, producers and large consumers, to explore synergies and opportunities.

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Alea Business Software S.L– AleaSoft – AleaGreen developed a methodology for energy forecasting that is unique, guaranteeing the highest degree of efficiency and precision. This methodology has been in use for more than 24 years in some of the most important companies of the energy sector in Europe. More than 700 models obtained with it are in service in different European markets.

Long term price forecasting

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Las previsiones de precio tienen una granularidad horaria y 30 años de horizonte. Las principales variables que se consideran para generar las previsiones de precio son:

In the last six years, more than 500 long‑term forecasting reports were carried out, covering most European electricity markets. The long‑term price forecasting report includes:

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Previsiones de precio a largo plazo (30 años)

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We offer a professional and reliable service tailored to your needs

24 years of experience

24 years of experience as forecasting leaders in the energy sector

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We offer forecasts for all European markets

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We apply a unique scientific methodology that ensures efficiency and precision


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